Make Razors Great Again with Traditional Shaving

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A version of this post originally appeared at Didactic Mind.

Jeremy Boreing is apparently the co-founder and, uh, “god-king” of Ben Shapiro‘s media company, The Daily Wire. Recently, Harry’s Shaving Co. decided that they didn’t like the fact that the folks over at DW believe that there are only two genders. (This, apparently, is a shocking revelation to a lot of people.) So, Harry’s tore up their advertising agreements with DW and trashed them publicly on Twitter.

This did not sit well with the “god-king”, and he just produced perhaps the most epic commercial with respect to razor blades and shaving, ever produced in the epic history of epicness:

Now, I’m not endorsing Jeremy’s Razors, because, as you may have noticed, I believe in traditional wet-shaving and think that disposable razors are a catastrophic and very stupid waste of time and money. I like doing things the old-fashioned way – the older and less fashionable, the better. Which is why I use Proraso preshave cream, shaving soap, and aftershave balm; a Muehle safety razor; Merkur or Astra razor blades (unfortunately, the latter is owned by Procter & Gamble – in which I hold a personal investing stake, by the way – who also own Gillette, and those guys HATE you); and a proper shaving brush.

But, I can completely sympathise with people who don’t like Harry’s. Before I turned to traditional shaving, I used to be a customer of theirs, a long time ago.

See, many years ago, I wanted to save money on razor blades, because I thought that Gillette’s products were getting stupidly expensive. So I tried out a Harry’s cartridge razor. The problem was that the razor cartridge fastened to the handle in such a way that it didn’t shave very well around curves, like the chin or jawline.

Being young(er) and dumb(er), I decided at one point to press down a bit with my index finger while shaving my chin.

(This is the bit of the article where you shake your head, smile, and say, “he really IS as stupid as he sounds!!!”)

You can imagine what happened next. Essentially, I skinned myself alive.

And, yeah, it HURT.

That was the end of that particular experiment, to be sure. The experience was also the catalyst to switch over to traditional wet shaving, and frankly, I will NEVER go back.

I have had occasion to use disposable razors a few times in the last 6 years or so (I think) that I have been using traditional blades and safety razors. And i have regretted it, every time. (That’s what happens when you have to take short trips travelling somewhere and literally can’t be arsed to pack your regular safety razor.)

The moral of the story here is, don’t give money to people who hate you. Give it to Jeremy Boreing instead – although, be aware that The Daily Wire is not too far off from the cuckservatives and Neo-Palestinians of Prager U and elsewhere within Conservatism, Inc.

Or, you could just go ahead and buy your products directly from my affiliate links, since the people that make those products don’t hate you as a man, and neither does the guy who maintains this site.

It’s your choice, but, as a general rule, it’s a good idea to stop giving money to people who despise you.

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