Merkur Safety Razor Blades

Merkur double-edged razor blades for all men’s safety razors. Pack of 10.

You simply cannot get better razor blades than these, because Merkur mills every safety razor blade to highly exacting standards of precision and sharpness. Each pack of 10 blades gives you up to 20 weeks of shaving. Each side of the blade gives you 4-6 shaves. And each and every blade is incredibly sharp, fully recyclable, and terrific value for money. You will quickly find that these blades reduce irritation and razor burn because of their sharpness. You will only need to use a single short stroke to cut through even the most stubborn hairs. Use these blades with a Muehle closed-comb safety razor for the best possible all-around close shave. Combine your Merkur double-edged safety razor blades with the smooth richness of Proraso green, white, or red shaving soap for your best shave. So don't wait! Get started with your wet-shave today!